Russell Hobbs has issued an urgent recall after customers complained they had been left burned after their irons caught fire.

The fault was laid bare in a BBC Watchdog investigation, which was broadcast on 4th December 2014 . The electronics firm has since announced it is recalling 15 different steam irons.

They have the following codes: 15081, 18651, 18720, 18741, 18742, 18743, 19220, 19221, 19222, 19400, 19840, 20260, 20280, 20550-10, 20560-10.

If you have one of the above models, you need to check the five-digit batch code. If the code starts with 045 through to 365 and ends with 12 or starts with 001 through to 195 and ends with 13, then you have an affected iron.

Tim Wright, the company's vice president, admitted to Anne Robinson that they first knew about the problem 18 months ago.

"We recognised that we had a flex in our irons which is actually UK and European compliant, but in certain special occasions was causing an issue.

"So we amended that then, we worked with trading standards and we have been monitoring the situation. Every individual that has contacted us we have worked with to reach an amicable resolution and then product was recalled.

To make further inquiries Freephone 0800 307 7616, or 0333 103 9663 if you are calling from a mobile.