Software for PAT Testing

At PATS Limited we have been involved in assisting software engineers develop PAT testing software since 1994. We have worked on Metrotest Downloader 4, AVO PowerSuite, Megger PowerSuite Professional and ToolMinder PAT.

PAT Testing software should be simple to install and simple to use.

Basically we need to complete the testing schedule, download and check the data, print the test certificates, save the data and send the test certificates together with an invoice to the company ordering the PAT testing. This is a simple operation so WHY COMPLICATE THINGS! Of course cost comes into this too so it has to be a reasonable price.

Before purchasing any software product we will look at the specification of the product to see if this is what we need. Is the software compatible with my PAT Tester? Have I got a RS232 serial port on my PC if the PAT tester communicates with a cable? Serial port to USB adaptors are not that reliable! Most high spec PAT test instruments now have upload and download facilities so will the software cater for this? Uploading at one time was just a “nice to have” but now it is a necessity.

What else will the software do to make my job easier? Other considerations must be:-


  • Client and location database. All asset data is held in here and you need to keep this information for the life of the appliance.
  • Repairs. Detailed repairs certification can assist in invoicing and inform the client of repairs carried out on their assets.
  • Summary Page. Maybe this is the only page a client looks at as this can tell him how many tests he has to pay for and check the invoice accordingly.
  • Assets next due. This is calculated from the asset retest frequency when the testing was carried out. This report is basic and is a must for planning your work.
  • The most important basic operation is being able to save our data in case of PC memory loss. NEVER USE THE PAT TESTER TO STORE DATA.

Which software to use?

There are lots of PAT Testing software packages on the market today. We have always used the AVO PowerSuite package and when it was super-ceded with Megger PowerSuite we changed over. We now use ToolMinder PAT as this works well with the new Megger 400 series test instruments.
You have a choice between ToolMinder PAT, Megger PowerSuite Professional, Seaward PATGuard 3 and Simply PATS version 7, to name but a few. All programs are excellent in their own right, and all do PAT Testing as their main function. Over the years if you used a Megger PAT test instrument you would use Megger software and likewise with Seaward as there were no upload or download issues, more recently ToolMinder PAT was developed solely for the Megger PAT 400 series test instrument. However, Simply PATS communicates with over 40 PAT test instruments. 


SimplyPats Version 7

Support for over 40 PAT Testers

One off purchase

Free Support*

2 User Licences*

One Database format regardless of PAT Tester used.

Powerful Sort and Group options.

Extensive Reporting functionality and Export options.

Record Formal Visual Test Data.

Bulk change data either globally or on a selection of appliances.

Sophisticated invoicing system.

Manage your PAT data the way you want, create one Master File or store your PAT data by month/year.

Setup a print and PDF export list for your most commonly used PAT Reports.

CSV Import Feature (inc Export).

Windows 8 Support (Win 7, Vista and XP also supported

Job done and also SimplyPats!!


Megger PowerSuite Professional Software

Developed over many years and with lots of research into your requirements of a software system, PowerSuite is hugely flexible. As your company grows, so can your system.

PowerSuite Contractor package will give the electrical contractor everything you need to schedule your PAT testing and will also do all your fixed installation testing certification.

PowerSuite Power package gives added breadth to your certification client base by offering more specialised electrical inspection certificates and for general maintenance.

PowerSuite Professional Electrical Testing Software

User friendly’ Windows interface

Work in real certificates and forms

Work on site or back in the office

Download results from Megger and third party test equipment

Equipment maintenance module

Organiser manages future appointments

Client manager to organise your customers

Full database and reporting facilities 

Support for non-downloading PAT Testers

You may have thoughts about having to produce a spread sheet in order to be able to keep your test records and how do I produce a decent Test Certificate, but SimplyPats have produced an easy to use manual version of its excellent software ideally suited for manual entry of all your PAT Testing data. 
PATS have conducted field trials on the new Megger PAT 100 series PAT testers and used the manual entry SimplyPats software for all data entry with huge success. 

Both SimplyPats Version 7 and Simplypats Version 7 Manual Edition support the manual entry of all your PAT Testing Data. 
If you use a Manual PAT Tester (Non-downloading PAT Tester), or a PAT Tester without an internal memory, you will find that the SimplyPats Version 7 Manual Edition offers a cost effective solution for electronically managing your PAT Test Data. 
The dedicated Manual Entry screen gives you the option to enter as much, or as little information as you want, for example; you may want to set just the status as a Pass or Fail for each test carried, instead of entering actual test results.
You can manually add tests to a new PAT Data file or an existing file, even if the PAT Testing Data has been downloaded from one of the many Portable Appliance Testers supported by SimplyPats.
Lastly print or send your professional Test Certificate to your client.
Job done and all so Simplypats!!


PATS Limited can supply all of the software systems listed, set them up onsite, transfer your data and run a training course for you.
We can also do telephone support for all the software systems together with PAT testing support 365 days a year.
Should you require more information regarding our support packages please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 645 2205/07973 753531 or e mail us at